Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tortured Memory now available

Took my time getting this title available. I took heat for the editing etc. for Rage, and I'm still suffering for that. It's disheartening that some will let a few grammatical errors to interfere with the enjoyment of the read.
I had Tortured Memory edited and reviewed by others. I hope it worked out.

Both versions are available now at: (kindle) and at:

I'll start my campaign for sales on Tortured Memory and getting reviews next week. Promos have become as essential part of the processes.
Tortured Memory is the 4th in the Brier Hospital Series. Readers like them and they stand alone although the scene is familiar as are certain players.

In addition, I'm writing a non-fiction book, a lighthearted approach to problems between physicians and their patients. I've made contact with several cartoon artists. Entertaining cartoons will help.