Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trying ti increase sales

My two newest novels, The Plague Within and Deadly Passage are out and have received excellent reviews.
While I'm grateful for the praise and the sales, the latter, overall, have been modest.
I'm doing what I can through author websites, and at the end of July, and in early August, I'll be offering my novels for free. In the past, free offers have been followed by an increase in sales. These will include No Cure for Murder, Rage, For the Love of God, and The Sixth Sense. Since I have records of my previous month sales, I hope to see a marked increase.
Great sales or not, I continue to enjoy the writing process and the congeniality of fellow writers.

Since I last blogged, I've transferred my website from Yahoo to GoDaddy. The latter offers better tools to create and maintain the site. Take a look at and share your thoughts.

Blogging, I read, is a powerful tool for an author. I'll try to get to it more often.