Sunday, October 18, 2015


I've been passing on to followers many slide shows from WebMD. Most are good, but the most recent one: Be Careful What You Touch, is a paranoid rant about "germs" If you read it, and believe it, you'll never leave your sterilized house again. I won't provide a link to this slide show, but if you must, you can find it on WebMD. Instead I refer you to: Dirt, Germs, and other Friends. GERMS If you believe in conspiracies, germ phobia might be construed as a plot by the makers of disinfectants etc. Larry

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MikiHope said...

I for one agree with you. By staying away from all that dirt and the attendant germs you are not giving your immune system a chance to learn what they are and how to combat them. And although I don't normally believe in conspiracy theories in this case I think maybe the people who make all the anti bacterial stuff and the pharmaceutical companies may be in cahoots!