Friday, January 13, 2017


Vector Red, the latest in the Brier Hospital Series was published in mid December and has earned only five star reviews.

One reviewer used language that I never would have thought applied to my work, but who's to argue?

Here's the review: Genetics and ethics of scientists January 6, 2017 Who determines if weapons of mass destruction are for offensive or defensive purposes? Are we prepared or will others obtain them? Medical and safety issues are discussed. Decisions in research are highlighted but delayed by government and military. There is humor and romantic flirting. There is a fascinating review of wound healing. Characters are vividly portrayed reflecting humane interactions. Biological warfare and moral, physical and emotional components are included in the amazing plot. It is clear we must be prepared and the author has done a masterpiece. It is likely his best novel yet. I can't wait for more of them.

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