Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Learning the Hard Way

I had to republish my latest novel, Rage for print and Kindle. Somehow, the manuscript contained unusual marks and parts of chapters were missing. Had some mediocre review due to same. I think the novel's better than that (my unbiased opinion, LOL). Hope readers will give it another shot.

I must admit that I'm not fond of line editing. It's because I'm a natural reader and my mind ignores error and omissions by inserting what's missing and deleting what shouldn't be there. 
I tried several online spell and grammar checkers and they were worse than useless. In fact, one may be responsible for errors in my manuscript for Rage.

It's difficult to fuss about these petty problems in the face of what happened last Friday in Connecticut. 
If this doesn't change attitudes about firearms, nothing will.

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