Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Cure for Murder Free

My novel, No Cure for Murder will be free 1/11-1/13/2013.

I'm promoting this novel for the obvious reasons, but, in addition, I'm hoping that readers will enjoy another novel in the Brier Hospital Series and fall in love with the characters Jacob and Lola.

I knew that it was a risk having octogenarian protagonists and that the thirty-somethings might not be interested, but our population is aging and what's wrong with highly intelligent, competent, world-wise, and humorous characters of any age.

When I pitched the screenplay in LA last year, the thirty-something were true to their biases and weren't interested.
I think they're wrong, but, who am I?

If I can determine enough interest in these characters, I'd love to go ahead with another novel and perhaps push harder for a TV  series (if I can get them to live long enough).

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